It took me forever to come around to Lydia and now I still don’t understand any of her motivations or why she does absolutely anything and I’m definitely blaming it on terrible writing but it’s really hard for me to think of her as a full character. She’s really just become the girl regular they can traumatize and use as development for men. Like we know she wears lipstick and heels and is a genius that uses a lot big words that nobody would understand, which should result in tons of chemistry with Stiles who also thinks bestiary is a common word and everybody should know it (they both come from a place of douchey that’s insufferable sometimes), but her development is all meta. She is brave, but the show doesn’t even acknowledge that in canon. They do nothing in canon but trivialize her abuse and the trauma she went through by playing it up for laughs. It’s starting to seem as if they have no interest in fleshing her out  and this is exactly what happened with Erica and I’m just over it. 

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